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Comprehensive Review of Auction Membership Sites for Seized, Surplus & Unclaimed Property from U.S. Marshalls, FBI, IRS, DEA, U.S. Customs as well as 1000's of Federal, State and Local Agencies


 Government Auctions Review  Government Auctions Review  Government Auctions Review



Don't Get Scammed - Research BEFORE You Spend Your Money

Many savvy consumers today are turning to online auctions to buy many high ticket items such as cars, trucks, boats, jewelry and even real estate. While there are many great deals available, finding a legit auction site is another story.

Things to look for when joining an auction membership site

1. Subscription Price: How much does it cost to join? Is it a one-time fee or annual renewal?

2. Number of Listings: Do they offer 1000's of listings or just a few?

3. Geography: Do they offer National, State and Local sources?

4. Types of Auctions:  Do they provide links to online auctions as well as in-person auctions?

5. Customer Service:  Do they have a customer service department in the event you have a question? is considered by many as the #1 authority site for comprehensive online auction site reviews. Seized, Surplus & Unclaimed Property from   U.S. Marshalls, FBI, IRS, DEA, U.S. Customs as well as 1000's of Federal, State and Local Agencies are available everyday at various places all over the internet. We have assembled a group of researchers to provide factual information on the various online auction sites available today. Smart buyers choose us to research online auction sites before spending any of their hard earned money.

Latest Reviews - The first step in participating at an auction on is to purchase bids. The bid packs range in price from sixty cents to ninety cents depending on the size of the bid pack that you purchase. Obviously the more you buy the less each individual bid costs. Registering at automatically gets you 10 free bids. You can use your free bids to bid on a bid pack and hopefully win more bids which will give you some buying power. Typically the ten free bids do not amount to much. Click here to read the entire Review. - The Quibids review shows that the site is really well laid out and very user friendly. It is also a quite popular site for penny auctions the popularity stems from the major advertising campaign that has been hitting televisions across the country. The contact information for the company is non existent. There is some information listed on the company information site but none of it tells you how to contact the company it just gives you some basic information about the founding of the company. The company was founded and launched the website in 2009. Click here to read the entire Review. - The Copart review shows that this is an auction website that s dedicated to buying and selling cars. The bidding service is open to anyone in the US but may be prohibited in some states. In those states you can hire a broker to bid for you. This website has been around for awhile but has been open to the public for the last few years. It was originally open only to brokers and dealers. Click her to read the entire Review. - does not offer any warranties for the items that are auctioned or for the process of the sale. Cancellations are not permitted during any period that the site has been used by a member. Cancellations are permitted as long as the site has not been used for any transactions within the first five days of membership or within five days of the payment due date for monthly membership. Click here to read more about review.

Other notable sites for finding auction reviews:



Other notable sites for finding auction reviews


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