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The reviews show that this is as the name implies an auction website. Since the success of Ebay auction sites have been cropping up regularly at the rate of about five new sites every six months. The recent real estate market dive has inspired a dramatic increase in auction sites that specialize in auctioning off real estate. is one of those real estate auction places. While there are deals to be had here, it doesn’t seem to be as popular as for finding deals on big ticket items. is a well laid out site that is easy to use. You do not need any specialized know how to use this website. This website is not new to the game either it has according to the landing page been “the global leader in real estate websites for twenty years”.


About the Site


This site offers several different types of property auction types. There are commercial properties, residential properties and land offerings. Some auctions take place online while others take place live. offers a toll free number if you have any questions about the auction process. You can also use the live chat feature which is available. Registration is free. You need a valid credit or debit card to register for identification purposes. You also need a valid email account.


Stuff I Didn’t Like


 I did not like the FAQ section. Frankly it was simply not informative enough. It definitely left me wanting more. I also could not determine if this site offered more online auction opportunities or not and I could not figure out if there was a hidden upgrade fee which is very typical at these types of sites. Usually registration is free but if you want the meat and potatoes of the site you have to pay up.


What People Have to Say was discussed on where a registered user left the following titled unfair charges “On July 7th closing company emailed me that they still don’t have the contract and we can’t close, but the seller is charging me a penalty, $150 per day until closing. I called REDC three times, and each time I was told they will get back to me, but they never did. They also don’t reply to my emails.
I refuse to pay unfair charges, and will not buy property if the charges are not removed and closing done before July 14.


It is unlikely that REDC will refund my deposit of $2500, but it will be to costly to take them to the court. They will screw me up either way.”



Another registered user at left this advice “ is a full blown scam, stay awy at all costs. everything you read is true. You are required to pay $2500 at REDC and 1500 at which they will keep for 30days after auction before finally releasing your money.

Yes the stories are true people win auctions only to have the property they rightly won put back on the market with the excuse of the seller refused the winning bid. Someone need to tell these idiots this is not an auction it is a scam and huge joke.”

 I could not find any positive comments about this site.




Buyer beware make sure you understand the terms before you bid.


Subscription Price: 0

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geography: Nationwide


Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as good as according to many of the reviews.



































Best Penny Auction Sites  


The best penny auction sites are listed everywhere you turn on the web. The problem is not that there are so many lists to choose from but instead figuring out which list is right. No matter how many lists you look at you can be guaranteed of one thing; they are all going to be slightly different. Before you bid at a penny auction, check out the review to see if it is an scam. 


The penny auction craze has resulted in new penny auction sites cropping up at a rate of about one per week. There are literally thousands of these sites. Figuring out which are the best penny auction sites can get really frustrating.  


Big Names are They Best? 


Just like any other trend the companies that start the trend may or may not be around when the wave hits. In the case of penny auction websites there are some pretty popular sites out there that may not have been around in the beginning but they have steadily become household names. Make sure to read the reviews to see if is a scam or not. 


Advertising on television has brought names like right into America’s living rooms. The commercials scream for attention because the potential savings is blazed across the screen.  It is intriguing.  


The question really is if a website has a large advertising budget does it make it the best choice? The answer is maybe. 




The ultimate goal when you are trying to find the best penny auction sites is to look to reliability. There are plenty of sites to choose from and most of them are reliable, but some are not.  


Some of the best penny auction sites based on reliability ratings are: 




These sites are rated high by consumers and can be found on most best penny auction sites list. The reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. 


Go For the Freebies 


Most penny auction sites offer some kind of freebies. Those freebies may be in the form of free bids when you sign up or they may be in the form of deals for lost bids on some items. Most sites offer some sort of reward for referrals.  

Taking advantage of these freebies is a great way to break into the penny auction fun! The best penny auction sites that offer freebies include: 




There are many best sites out there. Figure out what is important to you and look for a list based on your personal criteria. Happy bidding! Have fun! Before bidding at the penny auctions, look at the reviews as this may be a better fit and is not a scam.