Review - Is AuctionResource a Scam Review - Is AuctionResource a Scam? Review

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According to the review, this is probably the most trusted listing service on the web today and is definitly not a scam. They provide listings to over 4000+ live and online auctions that would take a person days, if not weeks to find withouth this service.


The listings you will find using the service ranges from automobiles to real estate and they also have a huge list of personal property. While the claims on the site say that you can find property for up to 90% off the retail price, from our experiences is more around the 50% savings range.


One difference with is that they only charge a one time fee to join compared to most of the other auction listings services which charge a monthly membership fee. AuctionResource also offers a 60 day money back guarantee, although I don't think you will be concerned about a refund once you see the listings that are available. There are some great deals to be had no matter what you are looking for.


The review also shows that they are currently running a promotion where new customers will receive "Winning the Auction Game" and "Penny Auction Secrets" and "Real Estate Domination" free. These books really packed with information and are great to read before bidding at any type of auction. Just the bonuses alone are worth the price of the membership.


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Overall, the review shows this to be the most popular auction listing service on the web and is definitly not a scam.