Bids4cheap Review – Is Legit or a Scam?



Bids4cheap Review – Is Legit or a Scam?  


The review shows that this is a penny auction site and like the name suggests the bids are for cheap. You can buy bids at for thirty cents per bid which is way below industry standard. While there are deals to be had at any penny auction site, consumers seem to have better luck finding deals using a service like





This is a penny auction site that offers mostly penny auction wares. It is a well put together site that offers folks an opportunity to win big ticket items and lots of gift card options for pennies on the dollar.  


Of course like most other penny auction sites you buy your bids up front and once you bid them away than they are gone so you lose money even if you don’t win. I do not mean to sound like a cynic because there are things about this site that I like.  



Things I Like  


The site is super informative and I like information. The site also offers contact information in the form of a toll free phone number and a physical address I also like this. I like knowing who I am doing business with and where I can go to complain.  


The site only operates between 2 pm and 2am Tuesday through Saturday which is good information to have nothing worse than trying to reach customer service and getting voicemail.  



Things I don’t Like  


I like freebies and this site does not offer any freebies for signing up. I like starting out with some bids in my coffer so that I can bid on other bid packs and get more free bids, but is a little cheap in this department. Maybe they will change this someday.  


This site did not give me too much to complain about. It was your standard penny auction site.  



Bottom Line 


This seems like a relatively safe place to spend some money. I did not find any complaints about the site and it seems legit enough. Like any penny auction site you face a certain amount of risk losing your money but most folks already know the risks involved so I wont preach about budget etc. The fact that the bids are relatively low cost also really helps out it is far better to lose thirty cents per bid than it is to lose sixty cents per bid or even worse a dollar per bid.  


This is overall a decent site and worth a try. It is user friendly and there is plenty of information available to guide you through the process.  


Overall, the Bids4cheap review shows this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however using a service like seems to be a more popular choice.