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The reviews show that this is a website that is an auction website but it is a specialty auction website. These specialty sites are catching on rather quickly. A specialty site can range from a site that offer automobiles for auction to a site like this one that offers brand name items and jewelry. While this seems to be a viable site, it is not as popular as helps you to cut to the chase. You do not have to rifle through tons of items you are not interested in all. This can be a huge time saver and it can also help you to locate the items that you really want instead of presenting you with items you do not want or need. 


Items for Auction offer high end items for auction. You can find top brand names like 7 for Mankind, Rolex and many others. offers jewelry in every category as well. The items are guaranteed authentic. 


Some auction items are put on the block with a reserve in mind but many of the items are listed with no reserve. Registration is free but it restricted until you win and pay for your first item. This means you can only bid on one item at a time until your first item is paid for. 


Customer Support states that their number one priority is customer satisfaction. There is a toll free number listed on the landing page to contact customer service. Customer service is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. 


There is also a live chat feature and an email option as well. 


The Website 


The website is easy to navigate and the FAQ page is very helpful. You can find the answer to most of your questions on the FAQ page. The website has a professional look and it is void of any ads. 


What Other People Think 


The opinions that I found were not very flattering. There were a lot of complaints of unexpected charges and very high shipping costs. 


At a commenter left this: 


“I wish I would have checked out this site before I got caught up in the bidding. I purchase a ruby ring for $266 that supposedly retailed for over one thousand dollars, the ring looked nothing like the ring on the website, after further inspection I realized that the fine print stated that the ring contained a “created ruby” which is just another word for FAKE. I wont bother going into the unexpected shipping cost that added another $60 to my transaction!” 


There were quite a few unhappy consumers that left negative reviews. 


The items on this site are pricey! You can snag a few good deals, but according to other people their experience has not been great. So if you opt in make sure you go in with your eyes wide open. 


Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as  

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