Bidzillion Reviews – Is a Scam


Bidzillion Reviews – Is a Scam?


The Bidzillion reviews show that this is penny auction website. A penny auction website is a bit different than traditional auction websites. At a penny auction website instead of bidding with dollars you use bids that you purchase. There are deals to be had at but consumers seem to like better.


Instead of dollar amounts the increments in penny auctions is made in pennies. The bids themselves typically cost anywhere from fifty cents to one dollar per bid. You have to purchase the bids before you ever start bidding. 


Some Considerations 


This is an easy to use website that is well laid out. There are not too many items to choose from as is typical with most penny auctions sites. Most penny auction websites offer only gift cards and bid packs with a few high dollar items thrown in for good measure.  


The bid packs are sold in packs of ten or more. So to get started you will have to lay out anywhere from $29.95 and up. A lot of people find this a bit of a waste of money. Frankly I am in the group of people who don’t want to have to pay for something than  I am very likely not to get up front.  


A lot of people do not feel that way and find the penny auctions a great way to save money!  


This Site 


The Bidzillion review shows that the site is well laid out and very popular because it is so easy to use. A lot of people find that this site is a more winning site than other sites. The contact information is easily accessible. There is a toll free number and an online chat feature that was not available at the time I visited.  


Some Comments does offer a unique feature. At most penny auction websites you lose all your money and bids. At the bids that you lose can be applied to a purchase at the buy it now option. This is a good opportunity especially if you are going to buy bids and participate in the penny auction at least you have the option of not losing all of your money. 


Most comments that  I found were either from people that had won and felt good about it but there were negative comments of course from people that lost.  



If you are a penny auction lover and are looking for a site to throw some cash at this is as good a site as any. As a matter of fact this may be a better site than most because you can use your lost bids to put towards a purchase at a buy it now option.  



Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geography: Nationwide 


Overall, the Bidzillion review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however there seem to be better deals on big ticket items at