Review – Is Biggerbidder Legit or a Scam Review – Is Biggerbidder Legit or a Scam?  


The reviews that this is according to the site “where buyers and sellers win,” sounds intriguing. It is billed as the revolutionary online bidding venue. I decided to check things out and began with the FAQ page. While this site is growing in popularity, still seems to be a better choice for finding deals on big ticket items. 




Frankly nothing was too surprising about how things work. You buy bids at the rate of sixty eight cents each and than you can start bidding. Nothing new so far, it does state that there is no premium for selling on . That is a nice touch but as a buyer what that tells me is that you can be bidding on a lot of junk.  


It does state that you can bid on new or used items. The format is a bit different because you are actually buying from other people not from say a distribution warehouse. This seems a bit risky to me.  


Site Layout 


The Biggerbidder review shows that the site layout is typical nothing to write home to mom about. They offer some video tutorials which I don’t like , of course this is just personal to me. I have trouble learning by watching videos, I do a lot better with the written word.  


The site is very easy to navigate and the information –albeit a small amount (FAQ addresses around 15 questions)- is easy to understand.  




So if you are wondering how it works if you are selling something on here is how it goes. Lets say you are selling a trinket and the winning bid is seventy five cents, you receive fifteen times that amount for a grand total of $15.00. You can set reserves and payments are made through Paypal.  




I have real issue with this there is no protection for the buyer. Of course you can dispute if you use paypal but basically under the returns/cancellation on the FAQ page it is strongly suggested you give the seller an opportunity to “make it right” no other recourse is listed. Basically you are on your own which is pretty standard with these types of sites. 



Bottom Line 


This is a great idea but it is not without risks. I think they should have some safety measures in place to insure that buyers are a bit more protected. They do offer a rating system so you may want to check out a sellers ratings before you place that bid. It may be a good way to kill a few hours but keep in mind the risk in on you for participation.  


Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however, seems to be a more popular choice for finding deals on big ticket items.