Government Auctions Review Review review is an auction site that sells everything from antiques and autos to businesses. Our review shows that this is a legitimate site and is not a scam. There are good deals to be had on sites like this but not as popular as

There are no membership fees and this site does bill itself as a “free” auction site but a closer look at the fee page, offers up the following information. There is a one time non refundable $30.00 verification fee. Listing fees for stores are between $50-$100. The actual listing fee is around $1 for a simple listing, if you want to highlight the listing add $5 if you want to bold the listing add another $5 if you want the category feature option that will cost $15.

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Contact is only available through a web form that is available on the website. There is a FAQ page that as of this writing is blank. The help page address six concerns. There does not seem to be much support on this site. There are approximately 20 categories of items listed each with its own subcategory. There is a host of articles that are posted on the site under the “article” tab, that address some selling and buying issues.

The review shows this website offers no warranty or guarantee. The cost of the listing is non refundable. There is no indication if this is a world wide auction site or if it is limited to a specific geographic location.

There is no information disclosed regarding the company that owns the site.