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It should be no surprise to anyone that auction sites offering you the opportunity to bid on foreclosed property are just about everywhere. is one of those sites that offers you the opportunity to bid on foreclosed property or do they?


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A lot of people stumble on to this site believing that they will be able to bid on foreclosed property online. The reality is very different.


What really is, is a service. It is a service that makes finding a foreclosed property in your area easier than if you had gone to the county courthouse and reviewed records there. This is a legit site but people seem to like better for finding bank owned properties.


How It Works


The review shows that this is a fee for service site. This means you pay a fee and get your service. In this case the service is that you have access to the data base of foreclosure listings in your area.


You have to be a member to have access to this information. There is almost always a free trial period which lasts for seven days. Once the free trial period is up if you do not cancel than your debit or credit card will be charged $9.95 each week.


Ultimately using this site largely depends on how much you are willing to pay for the information. Keep in mind that the information is free of charge if you go to your county courthouse and look up the list.


The Site


The site is a bit flashy there is a lot of stuff going on. There is a lot of information to absorb when you visit this site. It is easy to navigate but I found it a bit overwhelming. It is after all a website that is trying to sell you something so there is a lot of words to cut through to get to the bottom of things.


What Others Have to Say


There is a blurb from the Wall Street Journal posted on the website the blurb of course is an excerpt from an  article that toots the greatness of the site. Other people either were not impressed enough with the site to leave a review or did not take the time to review it.


This makes it a bit harder to either say yea or nay when it comes to this site.



I was not that impressed with the site I do not like the auto pay option because experience has taught me that it can be really hard to get the auto pay to stop.

Since I could not find anything negative I would say if you are looking for a pay for list site this could be a good bet.


Subscription Price: $9.95 per week after 7 day free trial

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geography: Nationwide


Click here to learn more about the - 7 Day FREE Trial


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however seems to be a more popular choice for finding bank owned properties. review scam reviews scam review scam


















Penny Auction Tips  


Penny auction tips come a dime a dozen. There are so many websites that are dedicated to the penny auction model and there are so many people out there that are having a great time and saving tons of money doing it that penny auction tips in and of themselves have become a huge topic. Before bidding at a penny auction, you should check out the review to see if it is a scam. 


Most of the penny auction tips you find are going to be all related. Things like take your time, be persistent, set a budget all sage advice and always on the penny auction tips list. These tips are valid in most all penny auction cases. Again, make sure to read the review to find out if is a scam or not. 


Here are some additional tips that will take you to the winners circle: 


  • Use the right site- yes there are wrong and rite sites. You want to use a site that is relatively new yet has a high consumer rating. Using a new site as opposed to an established site comes with a certain amount of risk but definitely will give you an advantage. New sites have not yet been discovered by the masses which means that there are less people to bid against. The big name well known established sites are often hard for the newbie or the little guy to win at.  
  • Get those freebies- penny auction tips should always include a mention of the freebies. You want to get anything free that you can find. After all if you are going to be spending money anyway why not get something out of it? Some sites offer free bids to sign up this is a great opportunity to win more bids, theoretically you could wind up winning something completely free if you  play your cards right.  
  • The best time to play! Bid in the early morning after the night birds have gone to bed and the morning people have yet to rise. A great time to bid is around 5 am. Now it may be a bit hard rising and shining at that time and bidding but if you want to win than you have to make certain sacrifices.  
  • Know your opponents- look around for a while before you jump into the bidding wars. Get to know the habits of the winners. Understanding how they bid will go a long way in bidding against them successfully.  
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away- it is perfectly fine to cut your loses and live to play another day. You don’t have to be the hero that gets into a bidding war with some idiot that doesn’t care if they have to pay three times retail as long as they win, let em have it and come back some other time!  


Before bidding, read the review and find out if is a scam or not. 

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