Legit Foreclosure Sites


Legit Foreclosure Sites  


Legit foreclosure sites are website that will offer you a way to find foreclosures in your area for either investment or personal use. Many of these sites have cropped up in the last few years to take advantage of a really bad real estate market. While there are quite a few to choose from, most people prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding REO properties. 


The housing market has taken a dump and has been down in those dumps for about two years as of this writing. According to the experts that track theses things and make predictions, the real estate market has not even reached recovery stages yet so you can expect to see many more foreclosure sites popping up on the web.  


What is Legit? 


Legit foreclosure sites are a bit perceptual. Calling a site legit really depends on what you expect to get out of the site. Basically almost all the foreclosure sites offer the same deal. You pay them a subscription price each week or month and what you get is access to a database that has listings for foreclosures.  


So if almost every site offers the same thing, how do you distinguish between what are legit foreclosure sites and what are not? The answer is simply that the legit foreclosure sites are going to have up to date information that they are selling you and they are going to be highly rated by other consumers that have used the site.  


Personally legit foreclosure sites is an oxymoron. You are paying for information that you can gather the same way these sites have gathered the information. They are time savers but largely you are paying for something you can get for free by visiting the county court house and taking a look at what is posted on the wall.  


Highly Rated  


There are some legit foreclosure sites that are legit simply because they are highly regarded for the information that they provide. You can find these sites by doing a simple web search and checking out how they are rated by other consumers.  


Literally out of the hundreds of foreclosure sites there are only a handful that are highly rated. Doing your homework and checking out the ratings will help you to make sure that you are dealing with some of the more legit foreclosure sites. According to many of the people we have reviewed, Auctionresource.org seems to be a popular choice. 


Is It Worth The Effort? 


A lot of people will ask if doing the extra work to check out the foreclosure site they are about to use is worth the effort of investigating since most all of the sites offer the same information. The answer is a resounding YES! Finding legit foreclosure sites means saving time and money in the end!