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The reviews shows that this is a unique auction website. At what you find is a website that auctions off items from manufacturers that either have an overstock of items or that are going out of business. This seems to be a viable site although not as popular as  


This site is a great way to purchase items through an auction setting directly from the manufacturer. This site is primarily geared toward the professional buyer who resells the items that they win. Many of the users on this site resell their wins at their own estore. not only offers items direct from the manufacturer but also offers items through government surplus. 


Categories offers items in virtually every category you can think of from women's clothing to jewelry. Everything that is listed on this site is listed in lots. For example you can not buy one dress, but instead you buy 100 dresses at great discounts. 


Some Pluses 


If you have a business or are thinking about starting a business in retail whether online or in a brick and mortar building offers tutorials and articles to get you on your way! This is a nice feature that not only markets this site but also gives you the opportunity to see whether or not sales is something that might work for you. 


The site is easy to navigate. It is well laid out. The contact information was very comprehensive, it contained toll free numbers and a physical address which I always like. 


Some Features that Need Improving 


The review shows that the FAQ page is really scarce. There were not enough questions listed. I could not find if there was a subscription charge, or what the auction charges were for buyers or if there were any auction charges. I like to know upfront what charges I am facing. 


Some Advice 


Other people that have left reviews were at best mixed. Largely the reviews that I found that were negative or where the buyer was completely disappointed were due to the fact that the buyer did not take the time to fully understand how this site works. 


Understand the Terms- Before you get started understand the terms that are used on the website. Items are sold in several different conditions; new in a sealed package, off the shelf- no packaging, refurbished- professionally refurbished, used, damaged, imperfect. Knowing what these terms mean will greatly reduce disappointment. 


Shipping- check out the shipping costs of the items before you place a bid, once you know the approximate cost if you are comfortable with it than bid. 



This site can offer a great opportunity to get some great merchandise to resell as long as you pay attention to what you need to know before you start bidding. 


Subscription Cost: Could not Determine 

Number of Items: Thousands 

Geography: Worldwide 


Overall, the review appears to be a viable site and is not a scam, however it lacks some of the deals you can find on big ticket items that you can find at  

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