Review – Is a Scam?
 offers a low flat monthly fee scale. The monthly fee to partake in this auction site is $8. There are no relisting fees involved and you never have to pay a sales commission fee. This is a viable site but it lacks compared to the listings offered at


The $8 monthly fee includes a buyer and a sellers account. You can browse and buy for free without having to pay the $8 monthly fee. Members can also opt for the yearly membership. Paid membership gives the user the ability to promote their website on their listing page!


This unique auction site offers a great philosophy which is somewhat refreshing when compared to other auction websites. At  the philosophy is that they are there to support your business not to control it.  The website currently caters to sellers and buyers around the US and some international communities. does not offer any warranties for the items that are auctioned or for the process of the sale. Cancellations are not permitted during any period that the site has been used by a member. Cancellations are permitted as long as the site has not been used for any transactions within the first five days of membership or within five days of the payment due date for monthly membership.


There are over 50 categories of items being sold. You can browse and buy for free.


There is helpful tutorials listed on the help page. Support can be reached by email only @ billing questions can be sent to

Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as for deals on big ticket items.