Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com a Scam


Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com a Scam?


Quibids review show that this is a penny auction site. Penny auctions are very popular because when you win you can win big. You can literally save hundreds of dollars on top brand merchandise using the penny auction model. There are definitely deals to be had with Quibids although consumers prefer Auctionresource.org for deals on big ticket items.


Of course there are a couple of problems with the penny auction model and this website is no exception. For example one of the greatest problems with the penny auction websites is that you have to buy bids before you ever even get ready to bid. This means at a minimum you have an investment of at least twenty dollars even before you start to bid.


Bids cost sixty cents per bid at Quibids.com which is an industry average.


Site Information


The Quibids review shows that the site is really well laid out and very user friendly. It is also a quite popular site for penny auctions the popularity stems from the major advertising campaign that has been hitting televisions across the country.


The contact information for the company is non existent. There is some information listed on the company information site but none of it tells you how to contact the company it just gives you some basic information about the founding of the company. The company was founded and launched the website in 2009.


You can contact support for help only through the web application. I like phone numbers.


Some Comments


The Quibids review shows that the website is oddly well received by most users I was not able to find any negative commentary about this website which really does not point to anything factual but my experience has taught me that if people are unhappy with a situation they are quick to let everyone they can know about it.


This website does have a redemption plan in place so that you do not have to lose the money that you paid for your bids. You can use the option to purchase items at a reduced cost.


Most items that are listed are for gift cards and other items of low value.



This is an easy to use website that you can save a lot of money out if you are disciplined and take your time to get familiar with the process. There is a tutorial that it is strongly recommended that you take a look at before you get started it is informative.


Like any other penny auction site keep your goals realistic and your feet firmly planted on the ground.


Subscription Price: $0

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geography: Nationwide


Overall, the Quibids review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as Auctionresource.org for deals on big ticket items.








































Penny Auction Strategies   


Penny auction strategies are abundant. People that participate in penny auctions are more than happy to share their penny auction strategies. Penny auction strategies range from the simplistic bid till you win to the most elaborate strategies. Make sure to read the Quibids review to find out if it is a quibids scam. 


Winning at the penny auction can mean developing your own strategy which can be a combination of many different strategies. You can develop your winning strategy by taking a look at what other winners are doing. 


Bid Until You Win 


A lot of high rollers use the bid to you win strategy. This is the most risky strategy and is not recommended. You can wind up spending far more money than you plan but you can also wind up winning if you can scare your opponent sufficiently. Check out the Quibids review to find out if quibids.com is a scam or not. 


This strategy depends on your ability to outbid other people that may be scared by your tactic. You may be able to convince other bidders that you are a high roller. This typically only works on sites where you are not well known. 


Last Minute Bids 


A lot of folks subscribe to the last minute bids. This is for very patient people that can stand around with their hands in their pockets and not hit the bid button. It does not always work to wait for the end of the auction because sometimes the bidding just gets out of control and the cost is driven up. 


Sometimes though you may be able to slip in during the last few seconds and win the war while everyone else is sitting on their laurels. You will want to check out the quibids reviews to see if it is a quibids scam or not. 


Strong Start 


Some folks swear by getting in early and staying in for the long haul. This can mean battling from the very start and knocking the competition right out. It can be the most nerve wracking way to win but if you have unlimited funds and the ability to stick to the bidding than you can win! 


Slow and Steady 


This is the medium road to take to win the penny auction. This is one of the penny auction strategies that works the best. You have to be thoughtful and patient but if you use this strategy than you have a better opportunity of winning more often and saving the most money. You simply pay more attention than you do bidding and bid more when you think you can win. 


No matter which of the penny auction strategies you choose you are bound to win some and lose some! Read the comprehensive quibids review to find out if quibids is a scam or not. 



Best Live Penny Auction Websites  


The best live penny auction websites are clearly linked to personal tastes. If you ask fifty different people on their opinion on which are the best live penny auction websites you are likely to get fifty different answers. Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids scam or not. 


Penny auction sites are plentiful. There are lists that contain the best 100 penny auction websites so you can only imagine how many of these sites are floating around if there are  100 best sites. 


How can you possibly determine which the best sites are if there are lists that contain 100 best? It is s a process of elimination that is how. Determining which sites are best for you will take a bit of work but starting with the things you do not want in a site should narrow things down a bit. 


Things You DO NOT Want 


It is far easier to list the things you do not want in a live penny auction website to determine what is best. Some things that you do not want include: 


A site that requires a membership fee. You are already paying up front for bids so if the site requires a membership fee scratch that one off of the potential best live penny auction websites. 


A site that does not have an easy way of contacting customer service. You do not want to have to root around for customer service information you want it right where you can find it easily. A toll free number is also nice to have. Don't add a site to your best of list if the only means of contact is through an online form where they have to get back to you. Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids.com scam or not 


A site that has crappy inventory. A lot of penny auction websites are chock full of gift cards. The savings is not worth the trouble. You want to add a site that has great inventory to your best live penny auction websites list. 


A site that has negative ratings that outweigh the positive ratings is also something that you do not want to consider for your best of list. Ratings are some ones opinion but if you find that the bad outweigh the good than you should probably leave it off the list. 


Personal Choice 


The best live penny auction websites are personal choices based on what you find to be a comfortable situation. You need to do the research that is required to find which sites are best for you! Read the complete quibids review to find out if this is a quibids scam or not 





















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