Qxbid.com Review - Is Qxbid.com a Scam?


qxbid.com review qxbid.com scam


Qxbid.com bills itself as a completely free auction site. The site fee page lists zero fees. There is a one time $5.00 verification fee that is charged to new members, but beyond that there is no other fees that are attached to a Qxbid.com account. Even online stores are not charged a fee. This is a unique site but not as popular as Auctionresource.org for deals on big ticket items.

The FAQ page is a bit vague there are only six topics that are covered on the FAQ page, things like how to sell, how to buy. Browsing is free and you do not have to be a member to browse. It is a bit difficult to ascertain much about the site because there is not much information posted. The help index contains the same information as the FAQ pages.

There are 24 categories listed on the categories search page with sub categories in each. This is a world wide auction site. There are not any tutorials available but there is a member forum where members can share information with one another.

The only contact that is listed on the site requires that a form be filled out and submitted. It does not appear that a phone number or any other contact information is listed.

Overall, the Qxbid.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however Auctionresource.org seems to be a more popular choice.