Savebig Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?



Savebig Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam? has a great name. I like websites that have straightforward names. Unfortunately the name does not adequately describe what is happening on the site. This is a penny auction site, yet again. While there are deals to be had with penny auctions, customers seem to have better luck using a service like for finding deals on bigger ticket items. 




Sometimes the question begs to be asked “exactly how many penny auction sites are there?” I think that there are so many that no one actually knows how many there are. Is this one different or better than the others? Unequivocally no!  


It is not different, you buy bids up front so you are spending money long before you ever have the opportunity to bid and you lose your bids thereby lose your money if you do not win.  


Always suspect to me the penny auctions are. I just not have met enough people or read about enough people to feel like they are really a valid way to save money. That is just my opinion. The point is that this site does not stand out above the rest.  


Things I Liked 


I try to find redeeming qualities in everything including penny auction sites. This site I liked because it was easy to use.  


Bids are relatively low according to industry standards. At sixty cents they are a good deal comparatively speaking when you consider some of the sites charge upwards of a dollar a bid.  


Things I did Not Like  


There is a laundry list of things that I think can be improved upon. Lets start with the fact that the only contact information that is available is an online form that you have to fill out and send off with the hopes that someone will contact you. Do not like that, prefer hardcore phone numbers and addresses.  


The FAQ page was really a sales page. Every question was answered with a push to purchase bids. Definitely do not like that.  


No free bids for registration are also a bummer.  One of the ways that you can earn free bids is by referring a friend that is too much work for me and my friends don’t need any more junk in their inbox so I would never be able to earn free bids.  


Bottom Line 


Site is easy to use, nothing really different than the beaten path. Same risk as any other penny auction site. Could be fun if you are into the penny auction thing.  



Overall, the Savebig review shows that is legit and not a scam, however according to the customers that we have reviewed, seems to be a more popular choice.