Government Auctions Review Review - Is a Scam? review scam

The review shows is an online auction website that focuses on penny auctions. Users are bidding for brand new factory sealed products, with the original manufactures warranty. Support is offered through a live online chat feature. This is a viable site but lacks some of the deals on big ticket items that you can find at at a huge discount.

Registration requires that you purchase a bid package. The idea is you buy these bid packs than use them to bid on items. The downside, once you purchase the bid pack and begin bidding you lose the money for the bid packs if you do not win the item. Registration is free but you have to purchase the bid packs to be able to bid on any item and you risk losing that money if you do not win.

Shipping is worldwide, the items that are shipped are not guaranteed by but they are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

There are tutorials both in the form of video and articles that are available on the website. The categories are a bit limited with electronics being the number one seller.

New users get bonus bids for signing up. This website will deliver to any resident of the US, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

The items are offered in hourly contests, weekly contests, monthly contests. The bids are made in one cent increments.


Customer Feedback


“This site needs to be closed down! Don't fall for it! They are ripping people off!”

“Unlike some good auction sites, SwipeBids is a real scam.”


“Its a scam. i just joined and did some bidding and they take away all youre credits that you pay for ... to bid with whether or not you win an item... what a joke or scam ... i was duped.” Yahoo Answers


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however consumers seem to like better.