Webidz.com Review - Is Webids.com a Scam

Webidz.com pronounces itself to be “the other auction site”. There is no monthly subscription fee nor is there a listing fee. There is a one time $5.00 verification fee that is charged to all new members. There are some enhancement fees that might apply, depending on how you want your listing to look. There are deals to be had on this site but consumer seem to prefer Auctionresource.org for deals on big ticket items.

Buyers never pay a fee to the website. There are very low fees for “store account’s” like $3.00 for 1000 listings. A store account can have lifetime free access listing without any limit to the number of items that you sell for $54.95. There is a fee page that lists the cost for enhanced ads, these fees are very reasonable like 0.01 cent for bold or highlighted item fee also at 0.01 cent.

Contact is a bit tricky, you have to be a member to submit a ticket to contact the support team. You fill out a brief form and submit it, the website states that all responses are generated within 24 hours or sooner. There is a FAQ page and an extensive “knowledge base” where many typical questions are already addressed.

This website offers Auction Manager software for download to make tracking your items a bit easier. The member forum offers tips on how to sell effectively. As with most auction sites, webidz.com does not offer any guarantees or warranties and cautions heavily about frauds and scams.

Finding their policies is not any easy task, the about page is written in such a light color font that it is virtually impossible to read.

Webidz,com is a world wide venue for sellers and buyers.

Overall, the Webidz.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as Auctionresource.org.