Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore.com a Scam?


Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore.com a Scam?


The Webstore.com reviews show that this is an online marketplace that charges no fees to the buyers or the sellers. This is really a unique approach that is drawing people in. Folks are tired of paying exorbitantly high prices to buy and sell in a safe community online. This seems like a legit site although not as popular as Auctionresource.org for finding good deals on big ticket items.

Webstore.com is an award winning website. The website generates it’s income and support through advertising.  Some people get a bit annoyed with the advertising but I think if it saves you some money it is well worth the trouble of dealing with the advertising.


Registration is free. You do need a valid debit or credit card to provide identification verification. The webstore.com recommends paypal as the way to go as far as transactions just to keep the community as safe as possible and to avoid fraudulent transactions.


The Site


The site is very easy to use and to navigate. There are tons of categories listed of auction items and each category seems to be well stocked.  I did not like the contact method. You have to submit a web ticket to get any help. I understand that it keeps costs down by doing things this way but I do not like to have to wait to get answers. I like to get my answers when I need them.


 The FAQ page is scarce. There are only four questions addressed and none of them were extensive. They could do better here.


 I do not like the fact that they do not offer any real company information in the way of phone numbers or addresses and again I get that it is a cost cutting strategy but would still like a bit more information.


Low Prices


The prices are lower than on many websites here because no one has to pay premium buyer or seller fees. This makes this website at least worth a try.


If you can get past the annoying ads this website is a good bet. You should always though proceed with caution when you are entering into a deal to purchase something especially online.


There is a community forum that you may want to check out before you start buying. You will get some good sound advice and get to know which vendors offer the best value.


I did not find any complaints about this site nor did I find any positive remarks. I guess you can venture in and take a look around with out any harm.


Subscription Price: $0

Number of Items: Hundreds

Geography: Nationwide


Overall, the Webstore.com reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however Auctionresource.org seems to be a better alternative for finding deals on big ticket items.




































Popular Penny Auction Sites  


What makes popular penny auction sites popular? That is a question that is rarely addressed most people get caught up not in the why but just that they are. Popular penny auction sites are popular for quite a few different reasons. You should check out the webstore.com reviews before you bid on any site to find out if it is a webstore.com scam. 


Some reasons are quite valid. Like a site that is popular because it is highly rated by the consumers that use the site. This can drive traffic to the site and make it very popular very quickly.  


 Other Factors 


A good advertising campaign which really has nothing to do with how a site functions also can bring tons of traffic to the website simply because the advertising peeks everyone’s curiosity. Make sure to read the webstore.com reviews and find out if webstore.com is a scam or not. 


Word of mouth also does wonders for the popularity of a penny auction site in the online community. All it takes is a couple of folks to state that they won on a site on one of the millions of forums and before you know it the site is ranked as one of the most popular penny auction sites.  


Does Popular Mean Winning? 


Using one of the popular penny auction sites does not necessarily mean that you will win but it usually means that you have a decent chance of winning. The truth is that you have a better chance of winning at a site that is not that popular because less people use the site which means less competition.  


Some Popular Penny Auction Sites 


Some of the popular sites are just about household names: 


  • Beezid.com 
  • Bidcactus.com 
  • Bidstick.com 
  • Quibids.com 



All of these sites are popular because they are well known thanks to advertising and seem to be popular with the folks that play at them.  


Using a popular site does not guarantee that you will win more but there are certain more likely guarantees. Things like reliability, better customer service, more honest dealings are typical of the more popular penny auction sites. In the end you may be better off if you are new to the arena of penny auctions to start with one of the popular penny auction sites until you are able to recognize what a potential scam looks like.  

Popular penny auction sites are numerous, finding one that suits your tastes is as easy as point and click. Do a simple search online and you will be shocked at the lists that crop up. By reading the webstore.com review you will know if webstore.com is a scam or not.