Zbiddy.com Reviews – Is Zbiddy Legit or Scam?


The Zbiddy.com review shows that this is another penny auction site. For those who don’t know already, penny auctions are a different breed of auctions. Most people think about auctions and they think of traditional auctions. You place a bid and go toe to toe with a few folks to see who will get the highest bid, if you lose you lose but you do not really lose anything you certainly do not lose any money in the process.


With the penny auction model you lose money the minute you place a bid albeit the amount of money you lose is cents but those cents add up to dollars rather quickly. When you participate in any penny auction you buy your bids up front. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, a more reliable choice for finding deals online is by using a site like AuctionResource.org.


About Zibiddy.com


At zbiddy.com the cost of the bid is sixty cents which is the median in the industry. Each bid costs sixty cents but is only worth one cent when you use it to bid on items. Once you place the bid you lose the bid!


The Site


As far as penny auctions go this site was similar to all other penny auction sites. It is easy to navigate and relatively simple to use. I liked that they offered a toll free number to call if you have any questions. I like when sites offer up a way to get a hold of a real live person for me that legitimizes things.


There was not a lot of glitz or ads.




One of the major issues I have found with penny auction sites is that the inventory typically is chintzy. There usually are a lot of low value items with a handful or high dollar electronics.  Unfortunately this was the case with zbiddy.com when I visited. In all fairness it was after hours when I visited and they may hang on to the good things until the daylight business hours.


I would say that this site is legit and that you have as good a chance as any on this site as you would any other. I think that the cost is reasonable and much like that of any mid range penny auction site. I do not think it would do any harm to take a look around but don't expect anything great!


There is one more thing worth notable mention. Zbiddy.com does not offer any freebies. You do not get any free bids there are no opportunities to redeem your bids. This is not really a big deal there are a lot of penny auction sites that do not offer free anything, but there are a lot that do! You may want to take a look at some other sites before you commit to this one!


Subscription Price: Free

Number of Items: Many

Geographical Location: Naitonwide


Overall, the Zbiddy.com reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online.