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  • Reviews. Is a scam? The review shows that this is as the name implies an auction website. Since the success of Ebay auction sites have been cropping up regularly at the rate of about five new sites every six months.

  • Review. Is a scam? According to customer feedback, is probably the most reliable auction listing service on the web.

  • Beezid Reviews. Is a scam? The Beezid review shows that this is a penny auction site. This site is well known among penny auction attendees and among folks that have never participated in a penny auction because of the aggressive advertising that has taken place.

  • Review. Is Bidcactus a scam? The review shows that this is a penny auction with the funny name. This website is like all the other penny auction websites. You have to purchase bids at a rate of seventy five cents each to bid. is a relative newcomer to the penny auction game.

  • Reviews. Is a scam? The review shows that this is a penny auction site. Like all other penny auction site you have to buy bids up front to be able to participate in the bidding. It always seems like a great idea to participate in these auctions because they always advertise that you can win big ticket items for pennies on the dollar.

  • Bids4cheap Review. Is legit or a scam? Are there any complaints about The review shows that this is a penny auction site and like the name suggests the bids are for cheap. You can buy bids at for thirty cents per bid which is way below industry standard.

  • Review. Is a scam? The reviews show that this is a website that is an auction website but it is a specialty auction website. These specialty sites are catching on rather quickly. A specialty site can range from a site that offer automobiles for auction to a site like this one that offers brand name items and jewelry.

  • Bidzillion Reviews. Is a scam? The Bidzillion review shows that this is penny auction website. A penny auction website is a bit different than traditional auction websites. At a penny auction website instead of bidding with dollars you use bids that you purchase.

  • Bigdeal Review. Is a scam? The reviews show that this is a website that uses the penny auction model. The penny auction model is not like the traditional auction model. With the penny auction model you buy bids or tokens before you ever bid.

  • Review. Is Biggerbidder legit or a scam? Has anyone heard any complaints about The reviews that this is according to the site “where buyers and sellers win,” sounds intriguing. It is billed as the revolutionary online bidding venue. I decided to check things out and began with the FAQ page.

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  • Copart Review. Is a scam? The Copart reviews show that this is an auction website that s dedicated to buying and selling cars. The bidding service is open to anyone in the US but may be prohibited in some states. In those states you can hire a broker to bid for you.

  • Reviews. Is a Scam? The review shows that this is a China based company. It is a B2B website. B2B is an acronym for business to business. This is billed as an international market place where buying directly from Chinese factories and merchants is made easy.

  • Review. is an auction site that sells everything from antiques and autos to businesses. Is a scam?

  • Review. Is a scam? The reviews show that this is a fee for service site. This means you pay a fee and get your service. In this case the service is that you have access to the data base of foreclosure listings in your area.

  • Review. Comprehensive review of Gov Is a scam? Gov user feedback.

  • Review. Our Review shows that this is a viable auction site and is not a scam, although it is not as comprehensive as other auction sites.

  • Government Auctions Review. is considered by many as the #1 authority site for comprehensive online auction site reviews. Seized, Surplus & Unclaimed Property from U.S. Marshalls, FBI, IRS, DEA, U.S. Customs as well as 1000's of Federal, State and Local Agencies are available everyday at various places all over the internet.

  • Legit Foreclosure Sites, Legit foreclosure sites are website that will offer you a way to find foreclosures in your area for either investment or personal use. Many of these sites have cropped up in the last few years to take advantage of a really bad real estate market.

  • Review. Our review shows that this is a unique auction website and is not a scam. This site is geared toward the professional buyer that wants to buy from commercial liquidity dealers and government surplus.

  • Review. Is a scam? The reviews shows that this is a unique auction website. At what you find is a website that auctions off items from manufacturers that either have an overstock of items or that are going out of business.

  • Review. Is a scam? is a reverse auction website. The idea is that the user posts what they are looking for then the seller will bid prices.

  • Online Auto Auction Open to the Public. It may sound a bit strange but many times an online auto auction is not open to the public. An online auto auction open to the public is actually quite rare. Most of the online auto auctions are not in fact open to the public.

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  • Review. Is a scam? This website does not warranty or guarantee the sale of items, it is advised in the user agreement that the user is conducting business at their own risk.

  • Quibids Review. Is a scam? Quibids review show that this is a penny auction site. Penny auctions are very popular because when you win you can win big. You can literally save hundreds of dollars on top brand merchandise using the penny auction model.

  • Review. Is a Scam? Customer Feedback for

  • Savebig Reviews. Is legit or a scam? Do you know of any complaints for Bids are relatively low according to industry standards. At sixty cents they are a good deal comparatively speaking when you consider some of the sites charge upwards of a dollar a bid.

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  • Review. Is a scam. Customer feedback for

  • Review. Is a Scam? Complete Reviews with Customer Feedback

  • Review. Is a scam? Customer Feedback for

  • Reviews. Is a scam? The reviews show that this is an online marketplace that charges no fees to the buyers or the sellers. This is really a unique approach that is drawing people in. Folks are tired of paying exorbitantly high prices to buy and sell in a safe community online.

  • Reviews. Is Zbiddy a legit site or a scam? Anyone have any complaints about